Monday, February 25, 2008

Great Time at PIR

So Mike and I headed out to PIR around 10 am on Saturday for the Grand Re-Opening of the track. We couldn't have had better weather. Sunny and cool but it made it to 60' by 2 pm. We stopped by the Interstate Freddies and got spray paint, for the Tank Bike, and beer 1/2 rack of PBR, some cheese and salami. I forgot bagels and ice. Mike ran back in and got the ice but we didn't realize that we had forgot the bagels until we were all ready at the track.
We drive right into the track and we are on our own trying to find a parking space. So we wander and park across from the front straight bridge.
We unload the bikes and cruise around the pits when we see others riding on the track so off we go through pit out. We did a lap and a little more the back to the van for lunch and a beer. While we are eating I look at the passenger mirror and behind us is three tall women putting on their roller blades and skating off. We finish our beers and stupidly think we will catch those hot roller bladders. We hadn't made it to the bridge when they pass us. Christ they are fast. Nice butts too!
When we get to the new part of the track I see Lonnie and Jeff and Tom and a couple of other Bent riders. I also saw Tweety back in the pits later. They were there to check out the new track for the OHPV meat in May, , Mike and I were there to plot out summer racing viewing spots.
I saw some nice old race cars and shot some video. Still can't figure that out yet. The picture above is last summer at the beach with the new Orange Cruiser bike you can see the Tank Bike in the background.
We were the last of the Bicycles off of the track. I had the sweep truck about 100' behind me as I went down the pit return road. We went back to the van for more food and beer. After about a half hour the hot rods were on the track for the rest of the day. We went around on the outer road and scoped out places to watch from. They really hacked a big part of the motor home parking area between turn 4-6. Turn 6-7 is now a left the sharp right with banking. Pretty cool, I can't wait until the Rose Cups and Historics this summer. I should have a list of races I am going to within a week or so.
Have fun. I am.


Carisa said...

Nice shot of Mike's butt!


MikeH said...

Hey, the shot is of the cool cruiser bike. Besides, you can't even see my butt.

BTW, I now have a cruiser bike - except mine is blue instead of Beaver orange.