Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Morning Rides

Nothing like an early Sunday ride. I just rode around my neighborhood for a couple of hours. Bombing the alleys and side roads I have noticed during my commute. I was going east on Salmon from 30th and I am aiming for the alley on 32nd. I go way to the left, almost to the cars parked on that side of the road, and lay the bike over while still pedaling and roll into the alley. I hear behind me, "Holy Shit" from a guy following about a block behind. Looking back it probably looked like I was going to run into the house!

I am thinking about an alley run pre-Swine practice ride. A casual couple of hours, a few stops, all in inner SE. Any takers?


1 comment:

MikeH said...

Yes, that sounds like a great idea -- cruisin' around SE and having a few beers on a sunny Saturday afternoon.