Sunday, June 29, 2008

I have been busy

Well the weather finally broke. It was 101' yesterday. I did a morning ride and then tried to do a mini swine with Herbert and it was too hot. We made it from Claudia's to the Bagdad and then went to the Side Street but it was boiling out. We went back to the safety of the airconditioned Claudia's for a beer then Mike was gone. I staid for a few more and was napping by 3:30 missing the heat of the day. I got up and watched the news and SNL with Carlin from 1975?
It is hot again today. Did a 15 mile ride at 6 this morning. I made it up to Claudia's by eleven and Neal was nice enough to make one of his magical omlettes for me.


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MikeH said...

Just wanted to add one note on the mini-swine. As we were riding from Claudia’s over to the Baghdad (on Market?), I noticed Kev glance over to one of the houses and exclaim “Damn, she was topless!” I guess I was a little slow to respond to his subsequent sharp U-turn, and clipped his rear tire. So, Kev was on Tank Bike IV and barely seemed to notice, but I ended up on the ground. I guess I’ll have to get Kev a bumper sticker that says “I brake for half-naked women.”